Let’s be more assertive women!

What does it mean to be assertive?

Assertiveness is a behaviour that is self-validating. This behaviour is an interpersonal liaison which is based on mutual content, in which the goal of the parties are to achieve their interest in a way that they won’t harm others’ feelings and interests. It is worth investing the energy of learning assertive behaviour to have more balanced connections. Assertiveness needs a huge amount of awareness, awareness of our own, old communication patterns, and if needed, conscious rebuilding of these patterns are required.

1. Assertiveness based on win-win solutions in every walk of life.

2. Operate the principle of equality through cooperation

Assertiveness for content everyday life

Assertiveness emphasises the quality of the connections in our life. We take notice of another person’s reaction, to our gestures and facing them with our own needs.
Being assertive is not a personal trait, it’s a decision. We won’t have to behave assertively all the time, but after we have learnt it and understood it we can choose to behave like that.
And as we said above, one way of the assertive self expression is using NVC.

Developing females’ self validating process – it’s available by coaching or by digital courses

Its aim is:


About my study on female teachers mental health

The aim of this study is to learn more about the background of the female teacher’s mental health state. Specifically, the study examines the connection between female identity, mental health state and professional role.
Another aim is to find a new way of developing professional personality based upon the psychologically valid results.
I believe that the results and developments based on them will serve the interest of the female teachers, the students and the parents at the same time.
Regardless, I trust that the outcomes of the research will give universal lessons to generally improve the psychological well-being of women.