Why did I choose the Solution Focused method?


„ The discussion of problems create problems while, discussing solutions produce solutions.” 

Also: Easy, fast and effective method, which saves time for both client and coach with the simple method of focusing one solutions. The desired future goals could be in the present. Positive psychological, communicational, theoretical and constructivist elements work together to make this method effective. Almost every client of mine told me at the end of a Brief Coaching that: “Wow this is truly good!” With the help of the Brief Coaching technique we can see the results in less than 5 sessions due to it’s effectiveness and partner-oriented approach. It can help in numerous sitations from buseness related through personal life situation, edicational problems, life management difficulties to even time management issues. It helps to break the deadlock.

Coaching Services

As a coach I have helped many leaders, professionals, I assisted in a number of situations to find the most efficient, the optional solution or even to help out in difficult life situations to push through.


Why I like to use the Brief Coaching technique? In the words of Oscar Wilde:„I have a very simple taste, I am always satisfied with the best.” I like my clients to experience working together using SF coaching is the tool for them to find the best solution.

What makes a good coach?

It’s easier to say what makes a bad coach
A bad coach does not give advice and does not solve our problem because they do not have the glory even if we successfully take the obsticle.
A bad coach does not approach the situation as a psychologist therefore they aim for a temporary solution instead of a permanent but more difficult one. He or she is not our mentor who helps us persistently and guide our way through.
More like a training partner who who helps us to find the problems in ourselves and the most fitting solutions, the key to ourselves.
The good coach leaves us to find the solution.

How does a Brief Coach work?

Our professional work method besides the Suliton Focused -SF method is asking the right questions, trust and optimism.
First of all we trust our clients, trust in our preparedness and in the success of joint work. We are convinced that the client is the most competent in their own case, but our concentrated presence and questions almost unnoticedly sharpen the focus in the situation in question. In this way, we help to bring new light to solutions that have not been seen before. In this concentrated state, customers almost stumble upon their finished solutions.
Quick success is important for the Brief coach as we contract solutions. An essential feature of our work is to focus the coaching conversation on the solutions rather than the problems.

Professional Coach Competencies- Here is the list:

  1. Compliance with ethical principles and professional standards
  2. Coaching Agreement
  3. Build trust and closeness with the client
  4. Coach Presence
  5. Active Listening
  6. Powerful Questioning Techniques
  7. Direct communication
  8. Create Awareness
  9. Create an action plan
  10. Planning and Objective
  11. The issue of progress and responsibility