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Informal introduction

First I became a special teacher, then I completed an MA in psychology, and teaching psychology in secondary school and then I did postgraduate educational psychology.

For a while I tried out teaching as a primary school teacher and nursery and special teacher.
Occasionally I undertake leading mediation for private problems, or problems in schools arranging quarrels or sensitive situations.

I am constantly in the role of the teacher and a student at the same time. I Have completed every year 1-2 psychological or sometimes pedagogical and communicational upgraded courses on various themes. On the other hand, as a trainer I lead lots of teacher training in several topics and on some occasions I develop curriculum too. For 17 years I worked as a counsellor in an education counselling centre in Budapest. In the meantime I led psychology trainees for several well known universities in Hungary as ELTE, SZTE and so on..
It was a great pleasure to give developmental and pedagogical psychology, psychology in practice and communication lectures at ELTE TÓk for 3 years.

In the meantime occasionally I visit the life of printed or electronic media too: I had a psychologist in school column at Mentor Magazine, and showed up for a while as an psychological expert about teens at the yellow tabloid like ViVa Tv, and at the way more significant Kossuth Radio as well. Recently I have written academic studies in national and international professional journals, and informing articles too.
Nowadays, I am finishing my long research at PTE University in Pécs, Hungary. I studied the background of active female teachers’ mental health’ conditions.

I have spent many years in public education, and my experience has convinced me that for happy school life schools are better if they are less public. So for me it is a pleasure to work in a private school with an exceptional curriculum and setting as a psychologist.
In my private life I love cooking and baking, dealing with pets, plants and flowers. I do circle dancing, reading, and travelling a lot. Except America and Antarctica, I have been to every continent on Earth.