What is the NVC?

In short it's called NVC, this is a communicational technique which is aimed at solving communicational problems, arguments and other problems while preventing personal conflict.

How do I learn it?

NVC method consists of four steps. We must go through these steps in mind first then we have to use them in actual conversations to express ourselves towards others. Through these 4 steps, we can express ourselves, what is inside of us

Conscious Communication

The key to living a balanced life is the pleasant, balanced, harmonious atmosphere that surrounds us day in and day out. This is the goal of NVC, to create win-win situations.

What does this method teach you?

Non-violent communication!

NVC on Udemy

Art of communication NVC: Non Violent Communication course on Udemy platform is a helpful tool to introduce you into the practice and the theory of NVC in an amusing way. The course explains the 4 steps of NVC with 5 exciting quizlets and 44 mins know-how video

The power of NVC

Imagine a life where the opposing views always reach consensus, where instead of fierce shouting we pay attention to each other, where the red fog of anger never obscures our vision, and where the common solution outvalues winning. This is the world of non-violent communication, and it is something that anyone can create. In this world you will experience how it feels, to be welcomed to the world of Peace! 🙂

Let’s start it together!

Recommended for you if

You would like to have standing-ground to recognize the factors that drives conflicts and you want to be able to deal with them in time, from a balanced emotional state. This technique can be used in business, at work and in private life as well, after all, who doesn’t want to live in peace and agreement instead of misunderstandings?

Moreover, it’s also recommended to those who are interested in their everyday relationships, those who want to communicate better, more accurately, more successfully, and who want to recognize the hidden messages of other people’s words, and in the meantime would like to get to know themselves a little better too…

Bálint G. Tóth, a student of University of Warwick, is a recommender to NVC